≋≋≋≋My coaching philosophy≋≋≋≋

We all have a huge capacity to grow and expand. Let's get curious and incorporate methods and tools that play to our strengths. And practice to build new behaviour change skills. Lastly, we should aim to cultivate empathy for ourselves: this is both generous and strategic!

If you are willing to:

• Gently question and examine your ideas and assumptions

• Consider the possibility that you have more power and potential than you recognize

• Give up excuses and accept responsibility but also be kind and patient with yourself

You will receive:

• Accountability that's firm but doesn't feel restrictive

• Discretion and deep listening without judgment

• Truthful, direct, no b.s. feedback and reflections

• Dedication, commitment & creativity

≋≋≋≋My courses≋≋≋≋

Always dynamic, interactive, and practical: 

How to sustainably improve your habits, communication, teams and more.

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